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Wil brings a velvet smooth baritone voice and delivers classic and contemporary jazz standards with grace and richness. Many know Wil as a veteran marketing/PR professional, but may not know of his love for music and singing. He began singing as a child in Washington, D.C., and for the past two decades, has been a lead vocalist in the music department at one of Denver's most prominent African American churches – the New Hope Baptist Church.

Wil spent time as a back-up singer for prominent Denver vocalist Mary Louise Lee.

Wil released his debut album in April 2018 titled, "Introducing Wil Alston." The freshman record will showcase his ability to interpret classic jazz tunes as well as his ability to contribute original and thoughtful new music to the jazz genre. Help us welcome Wil to Cocktailradio, and Check Wil Alston out at www.wilsgroove.com

Gary Ashton, bringing you "Cool Jazz and Hot R&B".

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